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It’s only those who know the darkness who can understand the light. And up here in the far north we have an abundance of the dark.


The history of Pilke starts in the Finnish forests and continues in the forefront of production technology. With Finnish designers, materials, handicraft, and production the core of Pilke is sustainability is. We strive to create authentic, ambitious, and friendly culture with a mission to create lights that lasts from generation to generation – classics of tomorrow.


Our shades are entirely produced in wood, which is consistently FSC®- or PEFC-certified Finnish birch plywood. Modern water cutting technology creates geometrically cut parts without dark edges, which happens when using a laser cutter. The composition of parts enables luminaries that are constructed completely without glue or screws – only wood. Pilke is a combination of Finnish handcraft technique and ultra-modern computer geometry.

Pilkes was founded in 2010 by Tuula Hocksell and Leena Liedenpohja - who really knows how to to innovate Finnish wood design. During the years five stunning product series have been created, designed by Tuukka Halonen, Harri Koskinen, Janne Uusi-Autti and Susan Elo.

Since autumn 2021 Pilke Lights is a part of the Swedish design company Maze Interior which shares the sames values. Our production philosophy is called ”Slow production” where local production, responsible recycled and natural material selections, and avoidance of air freight are some of the key aspects.

Thinly water cut


State of the art water cutting technology enables natural beautiful wood all around – no dark edges!

Assembled by hand


The geometrically cut pieces are slotted together - holding its shape without any fixings.
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